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The Miracle Puller

Miracle Puller a specialised method of body panel repair that we at Pritchards Accident Repair Centre are re-known for across Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and into London.

Miracle Puller is a set of specialised equipment that when used by our highly experienced and trained technicians can reduce an accident repair bill dramatically.

Our highly experienced technicians often repair 'expensive to replace' large or awkward body panels on many different cars and vans.

Take a look at an MPV or a People Carrier for example, look at the size of some of those body panels, they are huge and to replace them, a very time consuming and expensive process.


With our team and the Miracle Puller, It can actually mean that a car that is financially a 'write-off' because of a large dented body panel is now repairable because the dent in the body panel is pulled out and repaired back to the manufacturers original specification.


Our reputation for being able to repair the most serious of damaged panels correctly is spreading, and we often have vehicles arriving at our Alton based accident repair centre from quite some considerable distances away, just to get our team to professionally pull the dents out.





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