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Why choose Pritchards Garage to repair your Vehicle?

At Pritchards Garage Ltd we know how important it is to offer a first-class service - that's why we find ourselves recommended time and time again.


It is also the reason for customers returning to us from all over Surrey and Hampshire.


With our wealth of experience and knowledge in the car / vehicle bodyshop business, we specialise in accident and crash repairs for insurance, public and trade alike.

With our fully trained technical team and facilities, we will repair your vehicle to such a high standard that it will be as good as it was before the accident happened, and all of our work is guaranteed.

From a small shopping trolley dent to more serious accident damage


We often are asked by customers if we can provide a quote for their insurance company to repair a small mystery dent that has appeared on their car.

It happens, you park your pride and joy in a car park and whilst you are away someone crashes a shopping trolley into your car door leaving that un-explainable dent, often described as a 'ding'.

We often find that the customers insurance excess payment is more than our cost to repair the dent with our specialist knowledge and equipment while you wait!

Just phone us to arrange a time to bring the car to our facility in Alton, Hampshire and we will get one of our technicians to take a look at the dent. They will advise you there and then if it is repairable straight away and tell you how little it will cost to repair.

If you like the price we quote, we will pull the dent out there and then while you wait or you can leave it with us and pick it up later that day.

Because we have all of the specialist equipment and facilities, we can often repair dents at less that your insurance excess cost, therefore saving you money and keeping you driving!

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